About us

The idea to create this service was born when Peter Welch, a friend of Michal Bakir (the author of our articles), decided to get a real estate sales license in the state of Tennessee in 2019. Observing how difficult it was for Michal’s friend to find the necessary information, the idea was born to create a convenient service that would clearly outline how to start a career in real estate.

In order to structure the necessary information, we surveyed individuals who were interested in obtaining a real estate license from each state. Each of the novice Realtors we interviewed highlighted the following issues, the resolution of which became the foundation of our site’s mission.

Our Mission
Our Mission

Our Mission

  1. Help applicants determine which real estate profession is best for them.
  2. Show users the requirements necessary to obtain a license.
  3. Detail the steps necessary to obtain a license.
  4. Advise on choosing an accredited course in the required state.
  5. Provide complete information on what to do next after obtaining a license.
  6. Keep users up to date on the requirements and steps for obtaining a license.

Thank you for visiting our site! We wish you fast career growth and high earnings!