How to become a real estate agent with no experience

Starting out when you have zero experience is tough, no matter the field. Buying a property is often the biggest financial decision in a person's life. Naturally, they want it to be handled by someone they can trust.
How to become a real estate agent with no experience

How to become the best real esate agent without experience?

What is a real estate agent? A real estate agent can provide professional assistance to customers who are looking to sell or acquire houses. Agents have a state license; most work for real estate brokerages. A real estate agent can guide the client through the complexity of the real estate industry to a successful purchase […]

How to pass the real estate exam?

What is on the real estate exam? Each state has its own requirements for passing this exam to get a license. These are questions that are related to the subject of the real estate community, for example, market environment analysis, forms of ownership, drafting contracts, and so on. Looking specifically at California, the examination consists […]