Occupational Therapy Assistant

Constantly in-demand, the job of an occupational therapy assistant is not only financially secure, it is personally rewarding. By helping people re-learn basic skills for everyday life, the occupational therapy assistant makes incredibly positive impacts on the lives of people who need some extra help. The career outlook for occupational therapy assistants is promising, with demand increasing each year. What is Occupational Therapy? Individuals need occupational therapy for a myriad of reasons, whether it’s because of an accident or physical trauma, a disability, surgical recovery or illness, the goal is the same. To help the patient navigate daily living while […]

occupational therapy schools New Jersey (NJ)

Kean University https://www.kean.edu/ [email protected] 908-737-5326 Kean University is a large institute that spans both Union, New Jersey and Hillside, New Jersey. The school offers over 100 different degree options between its undergraduate and graduate fields of study. It is a highly diverse school. Its location puts the college just a half-hour away from New York City. Kean University is primarily known for its humanities and social sciences programs, but it is also a great occupational therapy school. The school offers a Master of Sciences in Occupational Therapy degree that spans five years of coursework and six months of fieldwork. It […]

occupational therapy schools Colorado (CO)

Colorado State University [email protected] 970-491-6909 Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, Colorado State University is a public research-centered college. Its position near the Rocky Mountains means there is no shortage of scenic locations both on and around campus. It is a very large university, providing services to over 30,000 students. While occupational therapy assistant (OTA) programs are offered in some Colorado schools, Colorado State University is the only school to offer an occupational therapy master’s degree. They also offer a post-professional MS and a Ph.D. program in occupation and rehabilitation science. The program is nationally ranked with many opportunities for research […]

occupational therapy schools Illinois (IL)

Chicago State University https://www.csu.edu/ 773-995-2000 Chicago State University is a public university located in Chicago, Illinois. It is a historically black university, and it is a member of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund which offers many scholarships and other financial aid programs. There are over 50 degree programs offered at the school and 80 different student organizations available for those who want to get involved with campus life. Chicago State University offers a graduate Master of Occupational Therapy degree, as well as a combined Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Occupational Therapy degree program that starts in undergrad. Both […]

occupational therapy schools Pennsylvania (PA)

Alvernia University https://www.alvernia.edu/ [email protected] 610-796-8228 Alvernia University is located in Reading, Pennsylvania, which puts it in close proximity to big cities like New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington DC. It is a private Franciscan Roman Catholic university that prioritizes morals and ethics in students’ studies. The school’s Franciscan roots are a traditional part of its history and a guiding principle in its identity. Education includes both classroom-style teaching and real world learning and practice. Alvernia University offers a graduate Master of Occupational Therapy degree. It also offers a five-year Bachelor’s in Health Sciences and Master’s in Occupational Therapy combined […]

occupational therapy schools Virginia (VA)

Emory & Henry College https://www.ehc.edu/ 276-944-6133 Emory & Henry College has two campuses. One is located in Emory, Virginia, while the other is located in Marion, Virginia. The occupational therapy program is offered at the Marion campus. Emory & Henry is a private liberal arts school. The college has ties to its Methodist background that are still present in its modern commitment to the spiritual growth and civic engagement of its students. Currently, a Master of Occupational Therapy program is offered, with plans to begin an entry-level doctorate program in the near future. The current curriculum prepares graduates for the […]

occupational therapy schools Georgia (GA)

Augusta University https://www.augusta.edu/ [email protected] 706-737-1632 Augusta University is a public university in Augusta, Georgia with satellite campuses in Albany, Rome, Savannah, and Athens. It is also a medical center that provides academic training to its students through research and hands-on healthcare experience. Augusta University provides nearly 150 different accredited healthcare majors, including occupational therapy. Its Department of Occupational Therapy offers a master’s program that operates on a two-year, six semester schedule. One six-week fieldwork rotation and two 12-week fieldwork rotations are included in the program, at different locations throughout Georgia and the rest of the nation. Some of the program’s […]

occupational therapy schools New York (NY)

Clarkson University https://www.clarkson.edu/ [email protected] 315-268-4476 Clarkson University’s main campus, including its OT department, is located in Potsdam, New York. The university also includes additional research and graduate facilities in Beacon and Schenectady, the Capital Region Campus. With three separate campuses, Clarkson is a sprawling university with a great deal of variety in the undergraduate and graduate majors it offers to students. The school is research-focused, especially in interdisciplinary research. Its OT program, accredited by the Occupational Therapy Association, prepares students to manage all current and developing social needs that impact the care graduates will provide to patients in occupational therapy […]

occupational therapy schools North Carolina (NC)

Cabarrus College of Health Sciences https://atriumhealth.org/education/cabarrus-college-of-health-sciences [email protected] 704-403-1555 Cabarrus College is located in Concord, North Carolina. It is a private college that offers both an Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) program and a Master in Occupational Therapy (OT). There is also an OTA-to-OT bridge program. Cabarrus College offers a small-school feel while still providing a quality education for many health sciences programs. Because Cabarrus College is entirely focused on healthcare degree programs, it strives to provide its students with the latest state-of-the-art equipment for their studies. The college also prioritizes hands-on clinical experience through its courses. Online and hybrid classes are […]

Occupational Therapy Schools Florida: Importance of Picking the Right School

Photo by Lance Asper on Unsplash If you’re interested in a career in occupational therapy, finding the right school is critical. Starting your career is very exciting, and the field of occupational therapy is growing. There are many opportunities to use your skills and knowledge to help people who are struggling with everyday task. If you have been looking into where the best schools are, and where you might have plentiful opportunities to practice as an occupational therapist, Florida might be a great place for you to consider. The Florida Occupational Therapy Association can be a great source for specific […]