How long does a real estate license last

Find out what the license renewal period is in your state.
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How long does a real estate license last

How long does a real estate license last?

How long do real estate certificates last? The American real estate market is structured in such a way that purchasing or renting a property independently can be challenging. In the U.S., individuals highly value their time, leading them to opt for professional realtors when it comes to selling a house or renting an apartment. This […]

Do you need college for real estate?

Can you be a real estate agent without college? You already have a bachelor’s degree, that’s great. But, for example, in Arizona, this document is optional for real estate sphere. A candidate for this real estate profession still requires getting some education. You must finish designated pre-licensing classes and successfully pass a licensing examination. Let’s […]

Сan you get a real estate license with a felony?

Can a felon get a real estate license? Many locals today in the US want to enter the sales field. The real estate industry is particularly in demand. In every state, and Texas is no exception, applicants apply for a salesperson’s license and try to pass an exam. Many stages can be completed on the […]