Can you be a real estate agent without college?

You already have a bachelor’s degree, that’s great. But, for example, in Arizona, this document is optional for real estate sphere. A candidate for this real estate profession still requires getting some education. You must finish designated pre-licensing classes and successfully pass a licensing examination. Let’s take a deeper and more careful look at the real estate topic of learning.

What degree do you need for a real estate agent?

Many people are drawn to a real estate career in this industry. Colorado, California, and others don’t matter what state you live in. A sales professional earns equally well wherever he or she is located. What does it require to become a specialist in this field? Do you need college for real estate broker?

It doesn’t matter what kind of education or training background you have. There have been cases when people without a college degree became top real estate specialists in the industry. But, one of the requirements for the real estate candidate is to attend specialized courses. With them, you will definitely be able to become a real estate salesperson even without any tips and be a part of the team, probably.

The best college majors for becoming an estate agent

We have already been able to answer one of the main questions: does real estate require college? It is not obligatory. But, in general, education helps any professional to become better, smarter, learn practical and theoretical cases. Thus, any real estate career will only go upward based on certain familiarity.

A crucial step is to enroll in the real estate courses and a background check. They’ll accelerate your understanding of the field and prepare you for future exams. Additionally, specific subjects or majors offered at colleges and universities can significantly enhance your skills as a real estate broker. Let’s delve deeper into them.

Studying in an Accredited School
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Communication is a constant activity, yet it holds particular significance in decision-making, brainstorming, and conveying information to colleagues and clients. Candidates from the real estate industry could take comfort in knowing that they already possess a major real estate skill: the ability to engage in effective dialogue once with a potential partner and, of course, a buyer.

Whether you’re in Florida or Carolina, adept communication can safeguard your real estate position.


This specialization isn’t just for aspiring businessmen. Trust me, expertise in this industry could elevate the real estate career of any salesperson. Finance, strategic thinking, and a forward-looking vision are all integral aspects taught within. These are skills every real estate broker in the USA should possess and utilize. It will help, for sure.


Financial literacy in real estate is crucial for numerous reasons. Initially, it enables agents to grasp the financial intricacies of transactions like mortgage lending, taxation, and investment potentials. Consequently, real estate agents can offer superior guidance to clients, aiding them in making informed choices. Furthermore, comprehension of financial principles empowers real estate agents to proficiently handle and save their own finances, expand the real estate enterprises. The familiarity could be obtained either in college or in additional real estate 120 hours courses and final exam.

Graphic Design

Students pursuing graphic design can thrive in the real estate industry by leveraging their abilities and different duties to craft compelling marketing materials and visual content. They could design brochures, ads, websites, and virtual family home tours, enhancing the attractiveness of listings and more other offers.

Demand for these skills exists in real estate agencies, firms, and software companies seeking to elevate their visual branding and professional appearance. At this point, the answer to the question “can you be a real estate agent without college” is already obvious. College is an optional step on the path to becoming a referral broker, but education is essential, at least in this case, and will help you in the future.

Business Administration

This major could be very beneficial to a real estate broker for several reasons. First, it provides a good understanding of business principles, including financial management, marketing, strategic planning and resource management. This familiarity could help a RE broker effectively run their own agency or practice, grow the business, attract clients and manage finances. In order to start a career in this industry, all you need to do is take real estate educational courses. There are plenty of them, both in California and in other states across the country.


Marketing expertise enables real estate agents to efficiently promote their services and real estate listings, attract more leads, get the perfect opportunity and close successful deals. As a result, individuals with this skill set often transition into roles as real estate realtors. The capability to analyze online the real estate alternative market and reviews, discern customer needs aids the real estate broker in comprehending market demands better, allowing them to adjust their marketing strategies process accordingly.


Comprehending fundamental accounting principles enables a real estate broker to efficiently oversee their finances and the financial components of their business. The completed courses can be helpful as for a student as a realtor in analyzing the financial aspects of real estate transactions, such as valuation, income and expense projections, and financial analysis of real estate investments. This helps the real estate broker in his career to provide more accurate and informative advice to his clients, find the right way for developing.


This direction is also popular in the labor market today. Here, a high-class accredited specialist can also earn money and fees, build a real estate career. People say today that no related courses could replace awareness and experience in the field. By the way, many real estate experts from CA come to the states to get into the real estate profession. Don’t forget that this is where these professionals could earn good money even without the right education in any company. Meet your expectations.


For comfortable living in an apartment, a modern person needs a number of technical solutions that will ensure normal life activity, safety. Whichever location you choose, Georgia, California, Pennsylvania, pr any two others, everywhere these aspects play an important role as for real estate. Engineering networks are a complex set of life support systems.

The normal functioning of the entire residential facility and the health of its inhabitants depends on how correctly they are executed and whether they comply with state norms. When you are selling an approved property now, it is essential to emphasize on the reliability and quality of these details, then you will be able to bribe the end client in real estate sphere.

Construction Management

Professionals in this field are good at management. You don’t get those skills in most personal courses. There are cases when your friend is good at it, but you are not, and you doubt whether you should become a broker. By going through this real estate school of life, you will be able to improve your qualities as a realtor and offer your future clients a wider range of opportunities.


Understanding the regulations and laws is very significant in real estate. There are many pitfalls that buyers and sellers are often unaware of. Therefore, it would be a nice idea for a local agent to attend related courses in law like a student or, for example, to switch from studies in this field.

Believe me, the career of a real estate specialist will develop quite well, as a confident agent should be legally savvy and make the right image.

Becoming a real estate agent without a college degree

At this point, there should no longer be any doubt about the answer to the question: do I need a college degree to be a real estate agent? Your career in this field can be on par with those who have received specialized education. But you don’t have to. You just need to select real estate necessary courses, submit an application. Each state, such as Texas, has its own requirements and rights for those who apply for a license.

The good news is that real estate candidates don’t have to get into any loans or mortgages like many regular students in the US do. There is a price policy here, a small one, which allows you to become a full-fledged broker in a short time. You could read more real estate information and other things in the FAQs section.

Real Estate Degree FAQs

What level of education do I need to have to become a real estate agent?

One of the most important questions people have is, what degree do you need for real estate agent? To start a career in this field, all you require is a high school diploma. This level of real estate education is quite sufficient.

Which schools offer degrees or certificates in property?

If you’ve already decided to pursue higher education in the real estate field, here’s a list from a few key universities around the country:

In Pennsylvania;

In California, Berkeley;

Massachusetts Institute of Technology;

University of Wisconsin-Madison;

In Texas at Austin.

These are places where you could get some of the best theoretical as well as practical real estate knowledge. Here, students vs. pre-teachers are constantly collaborating to grow the next generation of highly skilled professionals. Do not forget to read always terms and conditions.

What degree do most realtors have?

There’s no real estate trend or tips here for years. Specialists receive a variety of education. Moreover, you could qualify for any profession before you decide to become a real estate broker. So don’t get hung up on specific studies. Think better about the real estate skills worth developing for success. This way, you will achieve what you want in few final steps — to become a real estate salesperson.

Pre-Licensing Courses
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