How to become a real estate agent in Florida

The most relaxing and sunny state of the United States is no doubt the best characteristic for Florida, although California may argue with this statement. We can call FL also the hot spot for retirees and thus, the local real estate market never remains idle. Let’s add to that the 3rd largest population among all the states, and here we conclude. People actively sell and buy properties in Florida, and their need for the services of a top-level real estate agent is quite high.

So, if you are at the very start of your career, or you need some changes to scale up your life, how about getting a license as a real estate salesperson? We can bet, it’s worth your consideration!

What you should know about how to become an eligible real estate salesperson in Florida?

The first and foremost thing is to choose the type of licenses provided by the state government in the niche of RE.

  • The license provided to real estate agents who work under the sponsorship of a broker or in association with a real estate broker company.
  • The license provided to real estate brokers who gained over 2 years of experience as RE salespersons and work independently. The difference is that you must be a real pro as an agent to apply for the broker’s license.

In case you consider real estate brokerage to be your future career choice, you should start with an RE agent’s position. And for this, you need to meet multiple requirements developed by the FL authorities.

Interest fact:
– The highest in-demand skills for real estate agents in Florida are market analysis, sales experience and knowledge of GoogleAds also hold the palm.

What does a real estate salesperson do?

The position of a real estate salesperson makes you an intermediate between real estate sellers and buyers or landlords and tenants. Thus, you get your income for the service you perform. These are as follows:

Help with choosing property types for rent or to buy.
Marketing and law support during the process of sale.
Advertising and consulting services.
Concluding deals and supporting clients while signing contracts and payment procedures.
Support during ownership transfer procedures.

For these services, you can get top dollar if you try your best. Why so? Let’s check some facts!

An interesting fact about Florida’s real estate market and its brokers:

– The highest-ranked local real estate brokerage company is Madison Allied LLC which offers $149,912 per year.

6 steps to obtain real estate license in Florida

So, if the idea of becoming a real estate salesperson sounds great to you, let’s get some information with may be of good use for you when following that way. We divided these options into 6 steps to take to make the process of a real estate agent’s license easy to read and comprehend.

1. Know the real estate license requirements for Florida

The first and foremost thing to consider is to match your personal features with the federal and local requirement list. What’s important for applicants?

  1. To be a citizen of the US or at least eligible foreigner with a valid visa or permit which allows working in the US;
  2. To be least 18 years old;
  3. To provide the national commission with a valid ID card, driver’s license or your own social security number to identify you;
  4. To get specialized education in the form of a university/college degree in real estate and special 63-hour pre-license courses provided by one of the schools that work under the GED and provide a state-approved diploma. For a broker, the course consists of 72 hours, BTW
  5. To provide the high school diploma.

That’s what makes the basis for your success in further becoming a licensed real estate agent or even a broker in Florida.

2. Complete a 63-hour pre-licensing course

The next step is your agent\broker education. You have to complete 62 hours of special courses which include reviews of the most required topics for your future careers. These are courses in law, history, marketing, sales, math, finance and insurance. Almost everything in theory and practice is included in this course.

Recommended Course
Recommended Courses
Off- or online study packages that include a practice test and course completion certificates.

View Approved Courses

Where to find the schools matching FREC recommendations?

Just check the list provided by the CE Shop! Each of these courses is paid and you have to plan your money to attend them and complete your education. Yet, in Florida, you have a choice between on-board studies in a classroom, online real-time classes, and remote education packages with access to all the resources you need to study. It’s also up to you to select the schedule.

Some students prefer completing their real estate courses in a matter of weeks or to study daily, while others may need 1-2 months, especially, if it is a student who is employed and considers becoming a licensed real estate agent or broker one of the possible continuing education opportunities. Typically it takes a month or its equivalent in weeks to complete your classes.

In any case, your prep classes become your helpers in gaining success during the examination in the National Commission testing center which is one of the following steps you should pass on your way to the license.

As for the cost of a pre-licensing education course, your license coursework may cost you from $245 to $400 for the full course of 63 hours and may have differences because of the school policy, your education schedule and whether you complete it online or in person.

Real estate school instructor requirements

It’s quite important to contact a reliable and experienced real estate school instructor to get the necessary knowledge and get your classwork completed nevertheless you are going to study in-premise or take an online course.

Thus, the critical benefits when choosing an instructor for your license course and further exams in Florida include as following:

  • An age over 18;
  • An ability to provide both an online course and on-board classes;
  • Higher education, a license, and a degree in business administration, financial, and industry-related course disciplines;
  • Experience in real estate and regular post-license course completion;
  • f you operate with public speaking skills and writing skills it will be also a benefit.

However, you should also consider the personal features of the instructor.

Interest fact:

– Almost 70% of respondents among real estate salespersons are satisfied with their salaries.

3. Submit your fingerprints to the department of business & professional regulation (DBPR)

Prior to passing your exam and becoming a professional real estate agent with a license in Florida you have to submit your fingerprints to any Livescan Service Provider. Fingerprinting doesn’t threaten your privacy, yet, for business related to luxury home selling, deluxe apartment sales, and top dollar contracts, it’s a part of a must-do routine along with a criminal background report. So, if you wish, you can submit your fingerprints, for example, in Accurate Biometrics or Pearson VUE.

Besides fingerprints, you also need to pass a criminal background check and get a report on this background made by a local law enforcement provider with eligibility of provision of such criminal background reviews.

4. Apply for a real estate license application

The next step is the license application for your final exam which summarizes your course, your professional skills, and whether you are ready to get a position as a licensed real estate sales agent in Florida. Access to the application form for the exam is available on the same Pearson VUE service. Just sign in and get access to the scheduling plan. You can create the application remotely and select the most convenient date for your exam. The application for a license in Florida is required also before your exam test is completed. You can make it in person and get approved in one of the FL Real Estate Commission’s offices or on the officially approved site where all the initial terms are indicated. Then you wait a bit, typically, for three days, and you can get your access and your application reviewed and approved by the DRE.

Schedule an exam

Check your mail so as not to miss a letter from Pearson VUE which holds state RE license examination tests. In this letter, you’ll be provided with an authorization link to book your license exam date and time. Please, click on it and schedule your real estate exam and the form of exam undegoing suitable for you. Besides, you can enter this resource to get more useful info before your exam like the Candidate’s Handbook, tips and recommendations for successful exam completion.

5. Pass FL real estate exam

On a chosen date, you’ll have to start your exam. You have 100 questions to answer related to all topics you learn during the pre-license course and you have to complete the task in 210 minutes. Time won’t expand anymore. You have a limitless number of attempts, yet, you have to pay for each one $36.75 as a fee. The score for exam approval is 75/100, so you need to answer correctly 75% of tasks to pass it and get a license. As a prove of your score, you receive a document with indicated mistakes, and in case you fail, you can consider it a content basis for a further retake.

6. Find a real estate broker sponsorship

After you have passed your exam, you have nothing to do but expect a review of your license application. Yet, while your exam score is processed by FREC, according to Florida state laws, you need to find an associate broker agency which will sponsor you as only salespersons who are sponsoring local real estate brokers can work legally in Florida. Just inspect the list of the best agencies and real estate brokers with their members indicated and apply for their sponsorship. We are sure you’ll succeed with it.

Then you can feel free to wait for no more than 10 business days to receive your license via email to the address indicated when you signed in.

How much does a real estate license cost in Florida?

We’ll calculate total costs and time expenses for real estate agents’ licensing in Florida. Learn more about how much you’ll spend on them and do not miss any line to consider.

Step/itemAverage costsTime required
Pre-licensing course$240-$40062 hours (typically, from a few weeks to a couple of months)
Submitting fingerprints$50-$801 hour
Application for the license$83.751 day
Real estate exam fee$36.75 per a try210 minutes
Total costs:from $280 to 580 with all fees included
Interest fact:

– The best-paid locations for realtors in Florida are Inverness (average rates are $98,619 annually) and Davenport (average rates are $95,923 per year).

FL real estate license reciprocity

According to current state regulations, Florida realtors can work without an obligatory pre-license examination in 10 states of America including Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, Rhode Island, and West Virginia. Although the reciprocity principles are actual for both real estate brokers and agents, you might know that the reverse situation still needs the candidate who relocated to FL to pass a state-specific exam to obtain the permit to work as a RE salesperson. The good news is this exam is quite different and it has only 40 points instead of the local pre-license exam (100 tasks).

Interesting fact:

– Although Georgia is on the reciprocal list, it provides specific conditions for Florida real estate agents and brokers. You have to undergo an additional examination to approve your FL license in this state.

About FDBPR – Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation

All the decisions for the approval of real estate licenses are under the influence of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. That authority regulates and provides licensing for multiple business niches including the real estate industry in Florida. To get in touch with the officially charged with licensing in RE Florida authorities, please, follow our information.

An additional step to becoming a realtor

Being a member of the FL realtors’ community means also regular license renewal. Since your RE license becomes active and it works as valid, you need to track its expiration time. In Florida, it is 2 years since its approval. You have to renew it every 2 years by applying for renewal on DBPR’s site or downloading its official app to do this online. Besides, you have to pass post-licensing continuing education classes in Florida to get it renewed. Also, a fee of $64 is collected for the renewal.

Don’t forget that your license can remain not activated if it’s expired for two years. Then you’ll have to pass through each step of licensure once more to get it updated and activate it.

Let’s summarize the information from this guide in a quintessence of typically asked questions about real estate agent’s license in Florida.

FAQ about real estate certification in Florida

How long does it take to get a Florida real estate license?

Take note that the process of obtaining the license in Florida depends greatly on your lifestyle and schedule. Consider it to vary from two to five months, yet, if you manage to pass educational courses faster, the process may be much quicker.

Is it possible to apply for a real estate license in Florida online?

Yes, you can do this online by submitting your application to the Florida DBPR using its website or mobile application. Typically, after you log in and fill in your form of application and your papers from the real estate school and examination certificate, it’ll take up to 10 days to get approval. You’ll receive it via email in case of an online application.

How to obtain a Florida commercial realtor license?

The process of commercial realtors’ licensing in Florida is the same as the real estate salesperson license approval. So, if you get your Florida license approved, you can sell commercial property as well as residential.

How much do Florida real estate agents make?

An average salary for real estate agents in Florida is $94,519 per year, yet, depending on your skills and lust for job completion, you can do much higher! The research says that high salaries in Florida can be $197,500+.

How hard is the Florida real estate exam?

We cannot say it’s too difficult to pass if you had pre-licensing education before. As the Florida stats say, over 40% of candidates successfully pass the exam on the first attempt. Thus, it is possible to succeed with it and you shouldn’t be afraid of passing it.

Pre-Licensing Courses
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