What does a real estate agent do?

It is not difficult to start such a career even after graduation. It is useful to make good money and to have more knowledge to sell your apartment or even home. An agent in real estate work is an intermediary between a buyer and a seller. His education responsibilities include hunting for clients, organizing real estate showings, representing the interests of people who want to sell or purchase real estate, as well as marketing activities related to real estate.

A realtor isn’t a broker because a broker is an organization that offers investment in real estate and the implementation of the procedure for buying or selling real estate. In this article, we’ve collected complete info of realtor job benefits and on how to obtain a real estate license in New Jersey.

Real estate license variants

If a person is interested in such a business, then he does not need to expect that the profit will come immediately. The working conditions will be difficult, but only an active category of people choose this tense employment. In America, there are 5 variants of real estate industry licenses: non-resident kind, broker type, salesperson license, corporate or firm license. But if you take education in each state, then 2 licenses are needed (broker/ sale person).

Steps to obtain license

New Jersey real estate license isn’t as hard process as it sounds. There are 5 simple steps, complete all requirements and open the doors to the world of real estate as a licensed expert.

  1. Pre-licensing lessons;
  2. Filling out an application for an exam;
  3. Licensing exam passing;
  4. Choose a sponsor;
  5. Get a real estate license.

Pay special attention to your studies because the real estate exam result will be a confirmation of your competence, future career, and proof that you have mastered theoretical knowledge and a practical part.

Interest fact:
– A real estate agent cannot work alone. After education, he needs a sponsor (broker). Only after receiving a license, an agent may start his own business or find a broker to work for his company.

1. Criteria for real estate license

Completing successfully educating and passing exams, the agent must meet other necessary requirements. The eligibility commission looks not only at testing the candidate’s knowledge but also wants to be sure of his character, reliability, integrity, honesty and minimum stress. For details and to contact the Commission’s Section, call 609-292-7272.

2. 75-hour studying

Studying in an Accredited School
Order an approved course for pre-licence real estate training in your state.

Start Education Course

How to become a real estate agent in NJ – get through a pre-licensing 75-hour course. This amount includes tuition, fees, books and materials, tools, and supplies. The completion time for licensing courses is 2-3 weeks. You may choose courses in the evening for your convenience.

– Theoretical classes include lectures on taxes, deeds,regulations, mortgages, leases, New Jersey renewal laws, ethical subject and behavior.

3. Pass the real estate exam

When your full-time courses are already in the background, the exam process is ahead. Fill out the application in advance and find out the exact date. Usually, the required duration of the exam is 4 hours. You might sign up for the first exam and check the data on the web services (for example, on The CE Shop Internet portal). The real estate sales-person examination fee is $45 in New Jersey.

New Jersey Real Estate Exam Details

Test Format Multiple choice
Test Length 110 questions
Time Limit 4 hours
Items to Bring to the Exam 2 valid forms of identification with signatures:
Primary ID (with photograph and signature): U.S. driver’s license, learner’s permit, or some other government-issued ID card, such as a passport/passport card, military paper, green card, or permanent resident visa.
Secondary ID (with signature): U.S. Social Security card, debit (ATM) or credit card, or any form of document on the primary type list
Passing Score 70% to pass the New Jersey Real Estate Salesperson Exam, with at least 77/110 correct answers
Pass Rate Unfortunately, New Jersey does not post its average exam pass rating

How difficult is the realtor license exam?

These real estate licensing exam requirements are quite difficult, but 70% accepted answers cannot be unrealistic. It is not a big entrance equivalent. Think about your career, pay more attention to the preparatory education courses and make every effort to get a good result.

What happens if I fail the license exam?

Your examination result for a real estate agent license New Jersey is a barrier that you need to overcome. Unfortunately, not all people pass the interview and test the first time and then they think that all their efforts were in vain. This is not true; every state has own rules and fixed number of exam retakes (read PSI Exams). If you fail this test, no need to worry, in New Jersey, you might come back to take this licensing exam three times.

4. Find a sponsoring firm – broker

A citizen of New Jersey has completed the training prep course and already passed the test, now the next stage awaits – find a broker who will become a sponsor. This is to give the following options:

  • Earn as a commission from sales;
  • After education, your first salary will be of a licensed agent;
  • Looking for requirements about real estate investing;
  • Manage alien property.

By having these experience types, carefully studying certain details of a particular property, you can negotiate an excellent discount.

Rank Team Name Company City Volume
1 The Gonnella Team Weichert Realtors Short Hills $229,104,698
2 Rowack Real Estate Team RE/MAX Platinum North Brunswick $209,061,258
3 The Oldendorp Group Compass Short Hills $192,702,665
4 Craig J Worton Compass Avalon $148,763,100
5 R J Soens Group Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc. Avalon $99,635,800

5. Submit Fingerprints

Fingerprinting is one of the requirements for receiving a license. IDEMIA helps complete this procedure without disclosure. Register on the web site in one click and sign up for this expertise as early as possible. It is best to do this immediately after the licensing exam passing procedure. When it is completed, you need the evidence:

  • Copy variant of the form you filled out as an applicant.
  • Copy variant of the payment by IDEMIA.

Be prepared that fingerprinting is not free; IDEMIA services has set the price at $66.05. If you’re not in New Jersey, then this procedure can be completed at the NJREC. Please, phone 609-292-727 or ask any question by email relic@dobi.nj.gov.

6. Complete a license path

You are at the finish line: you’ve passed the real estate exam in Jersey, took fingerprinting services and found a broker’s sponsor. Now you need the last step – submitted your licensing application at the Department of Banking and Insurance. Prepare the necessary documents for the reserved data:

  • Fill out documents and receipt after fingerprinting;
  • Passing score report from sponsor-broker;
  • A cashier’s or certified check from your broker in the sum of $160 and mailed to the New Jersey State Treasurer.

This last point is required by law, therefore the Department does not accept personal checks. If everything is in order, your license is ready. You have 2 choices: visit the center office personally or call 609-292-7272.

The cost of getting a license

If you combine agent training courses, entrance fees, exam, verification of all data and a license, the full required price will not be too much, approximately $800-$1000 in New Jersey. It is the estimated pricing to be a licensed realtor specifically in New Jersey.

75-hour pre-licensure course (with fees) $550-$750
Pass the real estate license exam $38
Fingerprinting procedure $66
Apply for your real estate license $160
Interest fact:
– Working with a broker, you can change him. This procedure is done online, you make the license temporarily inactive and send it to one of the other broker companies. Its reactivation with another broker costs $25 fee.

Real estate license resumption

After finishing all the steps and finally receiving your real estate degree, you can calm down. But do not forget that this document is renewal. After 2 years, you must definitely renew your realtor license in New Jersey otherwise it will become invalid.

License reciprocity

Once licensed in this state, this document will be valid for working as a realtor only in New Jersey. This state has no reciprocity with others.

Tips to become a thriving realtor

To become a good and successful licensing agent, you need to practice a lot. Know the real estate basics and also engage in self development. A universal approach for applicants begins with the ability to scan all areas of a position to see if they have personalized ability to start. But for real estate agents with great success, you can follow these simple tips.

  • Being a good vendor, your potential customers should be your priority. Be always in touch and always available and ready to help them.
  • Learn to plan your job schedule correctly, be less distracted, act persistently, find opportunities, consider prospects, read real estate expert reviews, set new experience and new goals for yourself.
  • Always explore real estate market news. It does not stand still and every day new, interesting options appear there which you will than show to your clients. Becoming a professional requires a lot of time and dedication, look for various specialized online sources.
  • Ensure that every relevant requirement based on the rules for obtaining a document is in your candidate profile. This type of work has a difference with a broker area and the conditions are higher because you are just starting to research your work.
  • An individual approach to each client allows an agent to build friendly relationships and better understand their life, history, desires and needs. Improve your communication skills and be proactive to show houses, apartments or cottages from the sellers side.
  • Why and how to attract people? Open your own real estate blog or use social networks because they avoid you with new clients like one of the most effective places to post your offer there. Provide them with up-to-date information.
  • The courses have remained in the background, but there is a lot of additional work ahead for a good career. Continue to learn by finding an experienced mentor or guide who will be an example for you.

Approved realtors don’t miss out on continuing education courses including seminars, virtual resources, any highly targeted appointment, annual meetings and other events for licensing real estate agents in New Jersey. Develop yourself at least once per year and maybe open own real estate company or agency for brokers and receive visitors yourself.

Banking and Insurance Organization

Taking information about how to get a real estate license NJ, contact NJDOBI directly. It is a bureau eligible for insurance issues, transactions and financial questions. Important information is on the website: order a specific form, sign up for a current event, register a deal, get customer support from any state city, and so on.

How to become a realtor: FAQs

How long does the entire process of obtaining a license take?

Aspiring agents have many questions, and the concrete answer to them will help them better to see the situation and decide whether to enter the real estate field of activity in New Jersey. Considering the preparatory courses, exam, obtaining your privacy fingerprint document and real estate licensure, you may become an agent in just 1 month. In some cases, total terms may take 1.5-2 months if you need to retake the exam.

What kind of identification do you need?

It is quite difficult to find all the rules in an hour that are provided for getting this document and our answers to the most popular questions here will help you. Age requirements are 18 years or older and the person must live in the United States. You can be a foreigner but permanently reside in the United States. You also need a diploma of high school completion.

Can someone with a criminal record become an agent?

The issuance of a real estate license is prohibited so you must not have any offenses: robbery, fraud, theft, forgery, or criminal conspiracy. However, it does not include convictions for shoplifting. You would be denied a license for five years.

How to receive a commercial license for real estate?

This type of license is needed so that you have the rights to buy or sell someone else’s real estate. As an agent, you do not have qualifications to perform actions; the responsible personality is the brokerage company. The procedure for obtaining a real estate license in New Jersey is similar to a regular salesperson. Fill out different sample documents and pass a different type of exams.

Pre-Licensing Courses
About the author
Michael Baker is a journalist with over 5 years of experience in the real estate industry. His knowledge of licensing processes, procedures and requirements makes her an expert in the field.