How to become a real estate agent in Ohio

The real estate sector in the US is experiencing remarkable growth. It’s an industry that is capturing the interest of many individuals today. Properties are not only holding their value but are also becoming increasingly expensive. Owning an apartment or house in this country signifies wealth and prosperity.

It’s no wonder that both locals and visitors are eager to get a piece of the action in this realm. In recent years, becoming a real estate broker has surged in popularity. It offers opportunities for financial gain, networking, and engagement with accomplished individuals. Today, our attention will be directed toward the state of Ohio.

In this area, securing a job in this sector demands time, a thorough check of knowledge and skills, and patience from the experts themselves. So, how to get a real estate license in Ohio? Let’s break it down together.

6 Steps to becoming a realtor Ohio

1. State of Ohio real estate license requirements

The similar details are confirmed both in various articles and on the official portal of the ODC. Anyone who wants to become a candidate for an Ohio real estate licence should know the requirements that must be met. These will be discussed in more detail in the following paragraphs, but let us list them now.

Citizen of any country can apply for a license.
Get a prelicensing education in any related specialized institution.
Pass the Ohio real estate exam.
Background inspection.
Submit a completed license application.
Get a sponsorship from an Ohio licensed real estate broker.
Even after receiving a national license, the agents in Ohio must complete continuing education classes to renew their licenses.

These are the requirements you must fulfill, and most importantly, successfully complete, to obtain the coveted documents certifying your ability to engage in real estate purchases and transactions.

2. Complete a 120-hour Prelicensing Course

One of the mandatory steps is to enroll and complete the 120-hour pre-licensing course. Different resources may indicate various time periods. But it is in Ohio that local regulations require an applicant for a real estate broker to have just this amount of training under their belt.

Recommended Course
Recommended Courses
Off- or online study packages that include a practice test and course completion certificates.

View Approved Courses

There are many schools and licensure programs in the region where you can take this education and see the similar practice. Look online, click on the site you want and proceed with registration. The table below breaks down the allocated period for each item.

Ohio Real Estate Education Requirements

Real estate principles and practices 40 hours
Ohio real estate laws 40 hours
Real estate appraisal 20 hours
Real estate finance 20 hours
Total hours 120 hours

Based on the requirements provided, each candidate can ascertain the minimum amount of time a professional shall be allocated to sit for the exam. According to the organization’s perspective, this represents the necessary preparation period for prospective brokers.

3. Apply for the Ohio License Exam

The next step is to apply to take the exam. The good news is that no diploma is required to receive the Ohio real estate salesperson license. Once you have made this decision for yourself, take the course and register for the exam.

You need to fill out the application, which you can easily find on the ODC website. Please be aware that there is a fee associated with the exam registration. The cost is $58. Please ensure you have these funds available for the purchase.

4. Submit Fingerprints and Pass a Criminal Background Check

Another crucial step in obtaining the license is to submit fingerprints and pass a criminal verification. These stages are essential for officially confirming your status. Without completing them, you will not be allowed to take the broker exam. Among the checks, let’s start with fingerprinting. First, find an authorized place that can help get and digitize prints. Then, in this form, they must be submitted to the appropriate authorities for processing.

By providing your biometric data, you can initiate the criminal background check, which is a mandatory step in obtaining a license. There’s nothing extraordinary about this process; simply await the final results. Upon receiving a positive response, you can continue with the procedure and advance to the next step.

5. Find a brokerage firm or a sponsoring broker

In some regions like Ohio, to qualify as a real estate agent, an applicant must be a sponsoring broker. It is expected that such a company or individual with good reputation will oversee the professionals, carry out practical exercises, and share knowledge with them. After passing the background check, brokerage services can help a person get closer to a covenant license.

Numerous companies in Ohio are eager to offer assistance of this nature. Take the time to analyze the market, evaluating the values, objectives, and composition of different businesses. Once you have made a firm decision to collaborate with a particular specialist, fill out all paperwork and commence the process of affiliating with the chosen firm or broker.

6. Pass the Ohio Real Estate License Exam

The previous stages namely pre-licensing course, examinations, and submitting the application for the real estate license exam are behind us. The specialist has already utilized all the required resources. Now, only the final hurdle remains to be overcome. Many candidates are worried about the exam stage.

How hard is the Ohio real estate exam?

The profession of real estate broker is responsible, and requires good educational and practical training. It’s a whole long path — preparing and taking the exam. After that, real estate agents have to show resilience and a professional approach to work. It’s important to understand that the questions on the test aren’t necessarily categorized as difficult or easy.

They hold their own significance, testing fundamental knowledge. To truly excel in this field, one should aim to answer more than 80% of the points correctly. More often than not, these real estate license exams present between 100 and 120 questions. You will be able to find several answer choices, of which 1 or more will be correct.

How many questions are on the Ohio permit test?

As the local community states, to begin a career in real estate in the United States, you must pass the exam with a strong performance, answering a majority of the questions presented to candidates, which can total up to 120. Depending on the region, this number may vary. By diligently studying during your course education, you shall be capable of answering at least the minimum number correctly, which is 84. The processed results will be sent to your email.

What Score Do You Need to Pass the OH Real Estate Exam?

In order to become a broker, you are required to answer 70% of the questions correctly at one bulletin. This criterion is considered acceptable as experts in this field need to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of their industry, including its legal aspects, residency regulations, and other pertinent rules and regulations which could be modified each year.

Students tend to study diligently and learn topics to cope with this amount. If you possess only minimal knowledge, you risk not only harming yourself, but also your clients. Ignorance does not excuse you from felony. When scheduling your exam date, be sure you fill out everything correctly and send in all the necessary paperwork.

What Happens if You Fail the Real Estate Exam in Ohio?

It won’t be a significant issue. If you receive a failing score on the exam, you won’t be issued a license now. That’s the extent of it. At most, it might shake your moral confidence. But there’s no need to give up. Don’t regret the journey you’ve passed. It’s an experience. The accelerated education you received is legitimate and effective. Register for the exam again, follow the instructions, and prepare better for the next one.

Ohio Department of Commerce (ODC)

Refer to the contacts listed below the table if you need to visit or call the Ohio Department of Commerce.

Address 6606 Tussing Rd, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
Phone 419-241-0683
Fax 419-241-0684
– Please keep in mind their working hours: 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Regularly check their website and social media pages for the latest updates.

How much does it cost to get a real estate license in Ohio?

The real estate sector in the US is renowned as one of the most costly globally. Consequently, breaking into this arena, where local brokers command a substantial commission, demands a significant investment of both time and money. Nevertheless, take comfort that the eventual outcome will greatly enhance your prospects and future. Let’s delve deeper into the fundamental costs that will arise for you.

Pre-licensing education $1,499
License application $81
Exam Registration $58
Fingerprinting $30-50
Total costs $1,688

In the table, you’ve had the opportunity to acquaint yourself with the expenses that are undoubtedly required. Additionally, there could be unexpected costs, but you’ll become aware of them as you obtain a real estate license. Study everything carefully before you have started.

Post licensing real estate Ohio

This step is not mandatory in all states. In Ohio, a newly licensed RE broker must complete additional training. Providing such a specialist with new knowledge and extra training is necessary. If a CE agent wants to keep the full pack of documents valid, he must post licensing. The same goes for a document renewal. You need to consider the specifics of the state to be able to get a new license in the future.

Ohio real estate license reciprocity states

Licensing regulations vary significantly among different regions. For instance, Ohio has agreements with other jurisdictions where professionals can get a federal license to work in Ohio through a simplified procedure.

A person like that needs to have a right confirmation. But remember that license re-confirmation rules in other states are constantly changing. Check the latest information on the official website of the Ohio Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing.

Is it worth applying for a real estate license in Ohio?

If you enjoy interacting and working directly with a client or a vendor, this is the path you should pursue. The development of the real estate sector in the U.S. is staggering every year. Therefore, many reviews say the brokerage profession will be in demand for a long time. Here, you don’t have to expect a salary from an income higher than what you can earn at another job. Pick up your schedule, sign contracts on time, and the earning will come.

The agency is not always up to the task of helping the contractor buy or sell a worthwhile property. If you are looking for the position of your calling, choose a job as a realtor. You didn’t have to go through school or college to do this. Your degree doesn’t matter. Realize that you can do well in this field and start small. Remember that you have responsibilities. Take specialized courses, look up the Ohio exams, and apply. You won’t regret it.

Becoming a real estate agent OH: FAQs

How Long Does it Take to Get Your Ohio Real Estate License?

This path takes time, as prospective brokers must diligently and responsibly navigate all prep stages. Previously, you received information on how to become a real estate agent in Ohio. In terms of specific timelines, it typically takes approximately 2–4 months before the examination date.

What should I bring to the testing centre?

Prospective realtors should bring the following with them:

  • Remember to bring your passport or any other official ID document;
  • The confirmation of the registration for the exam;
  • The proof of payment for the exam registration;
  • Other documents if needed.

It’s advisable to confirm directly with the centre when registering for this process. You could need to provide documentation of your education or completed courses.

How to Get an Ohio Commercial Real Estate License?

To become an agent and receive the Ohio commercial real estate license, an applicant needs to:

  • Complete a pre-licensing education like a student;
  • Pass the Ohio real estate PSI exam;
  • Pass a personal verification;
  • Submit a completed license application;
  • Get a sponsorship from an Ohio-licensed real estate broker.

The path is not easy, but it will lead you to get the necessary documents.

Can I apply for an Ohio real estate license online?

Since many services, including home selling, are offered offline and online in the US today, anyone can apply for a licensing certificate online.

Pre-Licensing Courses
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